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Medical Cannabis Concentrates

e-pen, box
CRS Pharms concentrates, the gold elixir of royalty, are available in convenient disposable e-pens; the perfect travel companion.

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Savor the flavors of Egyptian kings with effective CRS Pharms refillable e-pen cartridges.

10 syringes
At CRS Pharms our distillate concentrates are also available in measured syringes, perfect for cooking and edibles. See delicious ideas on our recipe page.

Concentrates: Syringes & E-Pens

All CRS Pharms golden concentrates are made with high purity hydrocarbon extracts and solventless purification.

CRS Pharms uses a state of the art process to effectively remove all trace solvents from their cannabis concentrates in order to produce a clean golden elixir for their patients. Extensive testing is used to guarantee that all CRS Pharms products are effective, potent, safe and free from harmful residual solvents.